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Carpet cleaning

A carpet usually changes the appearance of a room and this is why there is need to keep it clean all the time. Here at Carpet cleaning Manly, we are able to offer the best services so as to be able to keep your carpet clean and also make it look new. We know the benefits of hiring a professional company like ours to do your carpet cleaning. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cleaning of carpets is able to eliminate the pollutants that are trapped in the carpets.

Our company is able to offer several services that are able to eliminate this kind of pollutants and also the toxic gases. Our services will be able to kill off the bacteria through the use of special shampoos which are able to remove even those pollutants that are trapped deep into the carpet

  • Cleaning of carpets clears out infestations caused by dust mite

Many homes are prone to dust mite infestation which may go on without anyone noticing because they are microscopic. Because they are microscopic, they are easily inhaled which can lead to many health problems. Our company is able to get rid of these creatures with the use of a special technique known as steam cleaning which is able to do the job correctly and get rid of these microscopic creatures.

Methods used

Here at Carpet cleaning Manly, we use a number of methods when it comes to the cleaning of carpets. Some of these methods include:

Carpet shampooing

Here, our company experts make use of a foamy chemical which is then distributed on the carpet and scrubbed in with the use of a circular brush that is motorized. This method of cleaning is most applicable in low-pile heavily soiled carpets. However, we highly recommend the use of steam cleaning even though this method is also very effective.

Steam cleaning

Our company is also able to provide this method of cleaning which is considered by most to be very effective. What happens here is that hot water is heated to boiling point and then injected into the carpet using a lot of pressure. After this, the hot water is able to loosen the dirt and then our experts will use a special carpet cleaning machine to draw away the dirt and the moisture.

Carpet dry cleaning

This kind of cleaning does not make use of any water. Our experts will sprinkle an absorbent in small amount over the carpet and then uses a brush that is mechanized and works it through the whole carpet.

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