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Lounge and sofa cleaning

At Carpet Cleaning Manly, we are highly qualified when it comes to lounge and sofa cleaning. We have high experience in dealing with different fabrics even those that are considered to be very delicate. With this, you as our client can be at ease once you hire us to do the cleaning for you. We have the proper equipment that are required for this kind of work and use solutions that gently clean your fabric without causing any kind of damage. We also pay very close attention to those areas that get a lot of dirt or rather areas that get the most soiling.  We use methods such as steam cleaning as well as other methods that can be applied on chaises, protect lounges, office chairs, cushions, mattresses and many more.

We consider ourselves to be a highly qualified cleaning company and the number of years we have been in the market can tell you a lot. Having clean furniture in your house is very important as it not only keeps your home looking clean and attractive but also gets rid of harmful bacteria that may pile up because of dirt. We also offer fabric stain protection which is very beneficial. Having this kind of protection on your fabric ensures that you are able to preserve the condition, maintainability, appearance and also the serviceability of your fabric. With the right kind of protection, the fabric protection that our company offers will be able to quickly absorb moisture spills like beer, red wine, spirits, soft drinks and many more. This can be very beneficial because what it does is that it is able to protect your fabric from any kind of permanent damage that will leave your seats looking stained, dirty and old.

For Lounges and sofas that are new, it is highly recommended that you apply fabric stain protection to them so that you are able to maintain their look for a very long time. Once you hire our company, our experts will do this after steam cleaning so as to make sure that it is easily absorbed into the fabric. The fabric protector also has the advantage of restoring as well as adding the protective properties that the fabric may contain which in turn prolongs the life of your lounge and sofa and also makes it easier for you to be able to maintain them.

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